Apply now! SIGA Airtightness Award 2020

This year the SIGA Airtightness Award will be presented for the first time. The special prize is awarded within the scope of the 24th International Passive House Conference.

The “International Passive House Conference” is a two-day conference. Besides an exciting supporting programme, awards are given for architecturally particularly attractive passive houses.

With the creation of an airtightness award SIGA draws attention among other things to the importance of airtightness for slowing down climate change.

At the same time, particularly exemplary projects are made additionally visible. From our point of view these airtight passive houses deserve a prize as they contribute considerably to the vision we all share:

“A world with zero energy loss buildings”

SIGA Airtightness Award: Selection criteria

With the SIGA Airtightness Award a building is awarded which is characterised by an outstanding airtightness concept in planning and execution. The evaluation criteria include the following:

  • Implementation (proven by measured air exchange rate and construction site documentation)
  • Airtightness concept & airtightness design (verified by textual description and plan details)
  • Durability (proven by textual description, photos, detailed drawings and possibly repeated airtightness test for older buildings)

An independent jury (convened by the Passive House Institute) will present the prize.

How can I participate?

Wherever your project is located and whatever type of building you’ve built – we are looking forward to many interesting registrations for this international competition.

SIGA - Passive House Award Airtightness 2020

The architect of the project should be the one to submit it. All certified passive houses, energy-saving houses and EnerPHit buildings that have been put into operation by spring 2020 can participate.

All buildings that were awarded a prize in a previous Passive House Award (2014 Passive House Award, Architecture Award 2010 Passive House) are excluded from participation. The competition categories will be determined by the jury depending on the submissions.

You can submit your project until the 1st of June, 2020.

There’s not much time left. Apply with your project now!

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