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On every construction site, cables, wiring and pipes pass through the airtight and windtight building envelope. Only when these penetrations are perfectly airtight is a leak-free building envelope guaranteed. That’s exactly why SIGA now has the new Fentrim grommets.

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The SIGA range grows and grows. Fentrim grommets are now available for airtight and windtight sealing of round penetrations such as ducts. The Fentrim grommets from SIGA close with an airtight seal and ensure that no leaky points occur in the building envelope as a result of cables and pipes.

Tried and tested material

The Fentrim grommets from SIGA are made, as the name suggests, from the same tried and tested material as the SIGA Fentrim window adhesive tapes. The flexible non-woven substrate and SIGA's famous adhesive strength ensure that penetrations are immediately 100 percent sealed, even at high and low temperatures.

As you would expect from SIGA and Fentrim, the adhesive flange is extremely robust, tearproof and can also be directly plastered over. A product which has been perfectly designed for use in the tough environment of the construction site. 

The EPDM material used for the grommet impresses with high resistance to weather and ageing. The cable and pipe grommets from SIGA are available in various diameters for quick and absolutely leak-proof application in every case.

Building envelopes in one place

The most reliable way of working is with a complete system for the airtightness and windtightness of a building. Rely on SIGA quality, tried and tested since 1966, for this. Installers and planners around the world rely on quality products from Switzerland.
With expansion of the range to include pipe grommets and cable grommets from SIGA, timber construction specialists, façade builders and module manufacturers can order everything in one place. The SIGA system guarantees that the components are perfectly matched and work perfectly with one another when they are used correctly.

Quicker, easier, cleaner

The Fentrim grommets can be applied and affixed quickly, easily and cleanly. And if there should still be a small leak that needs to be patched with sealing compound, then you can use Meltell from the same SIGA product system. The grommets are available in white and black.

The clever, slit backing strip on the adhesive side of the grommets makes application much easier and quicker than conventional grommets without slits.

Application of the grommets

Application of the Fentrim grommets is child's play.

  • Slide the grommet over a penetration such as a cable or pipe
  • Remove the slit backing strips from the centre out 
  • Smooth down the substrate with no wrinkles and press on

Sealing cables more easily

The cable and duct grommets are perfect for carpenters (carpentry firms), timber construction, module manufacturing, electricians and façade building. In prefabrication and module manufacturing, penetrations can be pre-sealed in the factory, thus significantly reducing the working time on the construction site.

Anyone who wants to seal cables and pipes more quickly, reliably and straightforwardly relies on Fentrim grommets from SIGA.

Alejandro Jimenez

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