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An apprenticeship at SIGA is your chance for a promising career start. SIGA offers you many opportunities and advantages in many areas.

Cornelia Wollnow
in culture
14. March 2022 1 minutes reading time

Hello! I am SIGA. And I have a big heart for young dynamic people. Let's start with the very young. Did you know that I currently have 15 apprentices completing their training? Whether as a businesswoman/ businessman, media specialist, IT specialist, ICT specialist, logistics specialist, plant operator or laboratory assistant: my teams are supported by apprentices in all areas.

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The three to four years of training begin with an intensive introductory week. This brings everyone up to the same level. At the annual Meet & Greet, the newcomers and the "old hands" of SIGA apprentices get to know each other better. Networking is the order of the day!

Immediately in action

From the first year of their apprenticeship, apprentices take on their own projects. Right from the start, they are in the thick of things, not just part of them. In between, there are always smaller and larger stations in other departments. This broadens the perspective enormously. 13 motivated practical trainers are on hand to support the apprentices and help them prepare for the final exams.

Benefits for apprentices

Two to three apprentice events take place throughout the year. They learn, laugh and celebrate together. Sometimes it gets lively at lunch, when the apprentices meet in my company restaurant. They usually only eat such delicious, inexpensive and healthy meals at home. I give them a half-fare travel pass so that they can all travel freely.

SIGA apprentices at the entrance to the Ruswil site

After graduation

After successful completion of the apprenticeship, I like to keep my protégés for a while. If possible, former apprentices stay with me for a few months or even years. Why? You'd best ask the many alumni yourself.

See you soon - in Ruswil!

Cornelia Wollnow

Supervises apprentices at SIGA and is part of the internal training campus.

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