5 facts about SIGA Wetguard®

In autumn 2020, we launched a brand new product. SIGA Wetguard® is used as a protection during the construction phase – especially for timber building elements.

Here are 5 facts about the product, which you have certainly not yet known.

5 Facts about Wetguard

It protects against water ingress into the construction

The main task of SIGA Wetguard is to prevent water from entering the wood. It’s job is to protect against moisture damage. The moisture protection membrane is rainproof and diffusion-open in order to optimally protect the component from water ingress. At the same time, it still allows the residual moisture to dry out.

From the production hall to after assembly

SIGA Wetguard 200 SA reliably protects prefabricated wooden elements against moisture and damage during storage, transport, installation and the construction phase. It prevents moisture damage such as visible discolouration or surface tension and dimensional inaccuracies due to swelling of the wooden elements.

The wood look is retained

With the transparent optics of SIGA Wetguard not only markings or penetrations applied in the factory remain visible but also the characteristic Surface structure of the wooden material.

Robust and non-slip

The film is robust against mechanical stress, even when wet, and is non-slip, thus providing safety for workers during installation and construction.

Tailor-made according to YOUR requirements

For special applications we manufacture SIGA Wetguard 200 SA according to customer requirements in different dimensions and designs.

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