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The SIGA Guesthouse can be used by everyone: for business and for pleasure

Did you know? SIGA has its own SIGA Guesthouse in Ruswil since 2014.

SIGA is known as a manufacturer and distributor of adhesive tapes and vapour retarders, roof and façade membranes. What many people don’t know is that SIGA has been running its own SIGA Guesthouse in Ruswil since 2014.

It has 75 charming rooms, which are furnished with high-quality materials. Due to its beautiful, quiet and easily accessible location, the Guesthouse is ideal for private and corporate guests.

Be that

  • Overnight stays for business clients
  • company seminars or retreats
  • the stay of an individual guest, also as a long-term accommodation option
  • Group travel and corporate events

Many things are possible at the SIGA Guesthouse – with or without breakfast, meals, coffee breaks or suitable seminar rooms.

Simply enquire about prices without obligation. We will be happy to find the right offer for you.

More information and pictures are available on the

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