Double-decker cargo reduces CO2 emissions

SIGA is working with logistics partners to switch to trucks that can load double-decker, a move that will save several tonnes of CO2 a year.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as it is ingenious. By switching to different trucks, SIGA can now load the transports from the production sites to the central warehouses on two levels. The benefits are obvious.

Over 13 tonnes of CO2 saved annually

Every year, this saves about 17,000 kilometres of travel, costs of 60,000 Swiss francs and 13,500 kilograms of CO2. This relatively simple measure is therefore easy on the wallet and the environment at the same time.

By switching to double-deck loading, we have better possibilities to generate supplies, especially when it is urgent. We don’t have to prioritise so clearly and leave things standing. But have more transport volume per trip and thus more leeway.

Thanks to the SIGA Management System

The changeover was implemented within the framework of the “SIGA Management System”, which is based on the Toyota Production System. Every tenth working day at SIGA is spent on questioning processes, optimising them and introducing innovations.

Certified by Ökoprofit

The emission reduction project was also audited as part of the Ökoprofit certification process and found to be in good shape. The project was an annual goal of the Materials Management Department and was implemented in three months from planning to application.

Pragmatic implementation

Once again, SIGA benefits from its pragmatic approach. Jean-Pierre Linge, Head of Material Management, says: “In other areas, they wouldn’t implement this until they had a perfect IT solution for it. We implemented it with a simple analogue overview, with slips of paper on a board, and started immediately.”

SIGA supports the Swiss CO2 law

SIGA advocates and supports the CO2 law, which will be voted on throughout Switzerland in June 2021. The company is part of the campaign “Swiss Business for the CO2 Law”. Through measures such as this one, SIGA makes a daily contribution to achieving the required environmental protection goals.

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