5 ways Majrex could save your life

Majrex is a sheet membrane and an air and vapour control layer. Its unique one-way filter effect for moisture means its better than any other option out there for condensation control and airtightness. We introduce you.

Hands on. What can a bespoke in-office CPD offer to you?

What can you expect from an airtightness workshop CPD in your office - make low energy building easier.

What is an sd value?

A plain-language description of the measure of resistance to water vapour, the SD value. Useful for designers of low energy high efficiency buildings.

How airtightness makes it easier to meet NZEB (part 2)

Under new regulations all Irish buildings must be nearly zero energy buildings (NZEBs). Here’s how airtightness can make it easier to easier to meet the new standard, and why it’s so cost-effective.

Window sealing. Everything you need to know

Windows are often one of the most expensive and highly performing elements in airtight & weather proof building envelope. But the connection to the wall is often overlooked. This is how we think it can be done better.

Can airtight buildings protect your health?

Airtight buildings, especially when fitted with effective mechanical ventilation, add a valuable layer of protection to building occupants in a world where we are still fighting to improve outdoor air quality.

Metal framing; Don’t get wet

New buildings often use light gauge steel framing. Metal is strong & light but also highly conductive of heat & cold, which can cause a moisture risk. We explore how to control this & look in detail at a case study.

Why airtightness is vital for delivering NZEB (part 1)

Under new regulations all Irish buildings must be nearly zero energy buildings (NZEBs). But what exactly is an NZEB, and what is the role of airtightness in this new standard?

Future Homes – a recipe for success?

Regulations are changing, and you have a chance to have your say. We summarise the main proposals to change UK regulations for new build domestic. This will affect how new homes look, what they are made from and how they are heated and ventilated.

Meet the experts: What you can expect at the SIGA Academy

Ever wondered what you would learn at the SIGA Academy in Switzerland? Read how the SIGA membranes & adhesive tapes are developed and produced and what you'll learn about airtight building.

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