Airtightness in preliminary stages of architecture design

From concept to handover, we describe what needs to happen at every RIBA stage for a successful airtightness test.

5 facts about SIGA Wetguard®

In autumn 2020, we launched a brand new product. SIGA Wetguard® is used as a protection during the construction phase - especially for timber building elements.

How to build a moisture-safe flat roof

​Flat roofs can carry more risk of condensation and moisture damage. Here’s how, by using the right design and choice of products, you can achieve a safe and dry flat roof construction using the hybrid or ’compact’ roof principle.

Vapour barrier vs. vapour control layer

When it comes to vapour checks, there are some myths that are passed on from generation to generation. One myth is that there is an urgent need for a vapour barrier.

Hands-on tips on how to avoid mould

Wrong ventilation and heating by the occupants as well as leakages in the building envelope are the reasons why mould develops. Learn how to avoid this!

[Checklist] Get ready for your blower door test

Most new buildings in the UK and Ireland must undergo a blower door test to measure their airtightness. Make sure you are ready on the day of your test with this handy checklist.

Definition: Airtightness & windtightness

We compare airtightness & windtightness with the onion skin principle. Learn what can happen if a building is not air- or windtight.

The mould trap – flank diffusion explained

Room humidity, such as increased room air humidity during the construction period, but also "normal" room air humidity during normal use, can enter a building component by diffusion or convection. This then leads to condensation on cooler surfaces.

Cool new tool stops overheating before it starts!

The Good Homes Alliance has published a very practical one-page tool to help designers and local authorities cut the overheating risk of developments right from the start.

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