SIGA Wetguard 200 SA launch in North America

SIGA announces North American availability of Wetguard® 200 SA

Building professionals benefit from superior moisture damage protection, abrasion resistance and transparent, non-slip qualities

ROSEVILLE, Minn. February 9, 2021 – SIGA, a leader in the development and production of high-performance adhesive tapes and membranes for air- and weather tight building envelopes, today launched for the North American market Wetguard® 200 SA, the semi-impermeable, robust and non-slippery membrane that protects timber elements during construction.

Through its rainproof, abrasion-resistant, transparent and non-slip qualities, Wetguard 200 SA promotes improved safety, reduction in construction damage, and better work accuracy. It is the first solution to equip building professionals operating in mass timber construction with this kind of sealing opportunity.

SIGA Wetguard 200 SA

“We are excited to provide the growing North American mass timber industry a reliable and easy way to protect mass timber from moisture,” said Etienne Gubler, CEO SIGA North America. “The product is the first of its kind, and gives the industry an opportunity to address a critical success factor in the construction of mass timber buildings.”

Wetguard 200 SA is a high-performance modified acrylic-based adhesive comprised of a flexible non-woven PO backed with a polypropylene release film. Its water-repellent carrier is lined with an anti-slip coating to keep workers safe while walking across wet surfaces. The self-adhered membrane can be factory applied for increased quality control and added protection during transport or installed on-site. Download the North American Wetguard 200 SA Technical Data Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet, and Cut Sheet for more of the product’s specifications. A webinar is also available on-demand to view for more detail.

Mass timber moisture management strategies webinar

“The capabilities of Wetguard 200 SA have proven to be very impactful for mass timber construction in Europe, and we recognize that such a solution will bring incredible value to North America as well,” said Sean McStay, Vice President Sales, and Operations. “At SIGA we pursue innovation, and introducing a first-of-its-kind solution that addresses a major pain point for mass timber construction brings us a lot of pride.”

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