JLC explores SIGA’s one-way vapor barrier: Majrex

What has JLC talking about the Majrex?

As building science continues to improve, the world of vapor barrier and control options is getting more and more complex.

Ted Cushman from the Journal of Light Construction spent a day with SIGA to talk vapor barriers to help add clarity to the topic. We spent most of our time talking about the Majrex.

At a meeting with JLC, Keith Bidwell explains the Majrex’s directional drying properties. Image courtesy of JLC.

The Majrex is a one-way vapor barrier that adjusts to variable humidity. In contrast to competitor products, Majrex has a greater moisture permeability in one direction than in the other.

As a result, it offers protective power for buildings under construction. Moisture evaporating out of concrete or drywall can stress a building early in its life. In that situation other variable-permeability membranes may open up and expose the structure to indoor moisture.

To read Ted’s account of the SIGA Majrex, click here to open the Journal of Light Construction’s article.

Majrex System Guidelines How to Install the SIGA Majrex
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