Air barriers google auto suggest building science edition

Air Barriers | Google Auto Suggest Building Science Edition (Video)

SIGA answers the web’s most searched questions about air barriers in our newest video series: Google Auto Suggest Building Science Edition

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[00:00:00] Hi, I’m Ken from SIGA. And this is Google Auto Suggest Building Science Edition.

[00:00:11] Alright, let’s see what you’re Googling.

[00:00:17] What does an air barrier do?

[00:00:20] Stops the air that you’re paying to put in your building from getting out, and it keeps all the bad, nasty outdoor air outside so your building can be healthy and comfortable.

[00:00:31] How to choose an air barrier?

[00:00:33] Well, consider your wall type, where you live, and then call SIGA and we’ll tell you to use Majvest.

[00:00:41] Air barrier consultants?

[00:00:44] Me, you’re looking at him. But if you’re not fortunate enough to live in New England you can also call someone that works with me.

[00:00:52] When do I test my air barrier?

[00:00:56] Early, probably before your windows go in would be ideal, or at least after the windows are in and sealed well. Do not ever test at the end of the project because if you have an air leak it’s gonna suck to try and fix it.

[00:01:13] The pros and cons of an air barrier?

[00:01:15] Seriously, there are only pros, no cons. The pros that are indoor air quality, less costly to heat and cool your home, less likely for moisture-related damage. The cons you can’t hear the outside as well… I don’t know.

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